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Monday, 23 December 2019

Vipashyana Ni Talim Lenar Karmchari Ne Das Divas Ni Raja Ane On Duty Ganva Babat paripatra

Vipashyana Ni Talim Lenar Karmchari Ne Das Divas Ni Raja Ane On Duty Ganva Babat paripatra

Vipashyana Ni taleem Mate Sarkari karmchario ne 10 Divas Ni Raja apva ane faraj par hajar gani on duty leave aapva babat aa letter Arogya Vibhag Gujarat sarkar dwara karva ma aavel chhe.

Letter from the home department regarding the persons on duty in the area of training for vipashyana training

vipashyana training camps are organised in different places of the state. Through stun centres of vipashyana. Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Palitana, Navsari ,Mehsana etc. in Gujarat state. vision training allow each employed to perform the assigned task effectively and the extremely useful in the maintaining the mental direction of their behaviour patterns. Ie. maintaining mental health and the departmental staff is also healthy with the training.

In addition there is also the possibility of positive change in the behaviour of citizens, collagens and their family exposed to the officers or staff involved in the training of this area. There is no insurance. Vipassana training can be of option for increasing commitment. Morality efficiency and professional excellence at the stage of the work as well as for bringing about positive change and improvement. For the purpose of this noble purpose it was to considered the duty required to the participants in the training bureau of vipshyana and the duty of the officers and employees from the office under all the departments under the control for the period of 10 days. In this regard ,the following provision are

1. Each offer / employee can voluntary participate in this training. No one can be compelled to participate in this training.

2. The officer or employees of the offices under this department and all the department under its control who wish to participate in this training will have to obtain the approval of a competent officer who does not have the ability to participate in the training as on duty so as not to be constrained by their office.

3. The officer or employee participating in this training will have to submit to the competent officer sanctionong the party certificate issued by Ramati during the return from training.

4. If this training is left unattended, those who do not consider the period of Day 10 allowed for the officer or employee to be considered on duty will have to Be considered on duty will have borrowed from their place. training will have to be done in the Vipassana Training Centre mention in the complete roll A

5. If the provision of sub Section full fill in the case officer or employee who have participated in such training camps. the period of training cell be considered as part of Raja. By the order of governer of Gujarat and his name

Vipashyana ni Talim Lenar Karmchari ne 10 Divas Ni raja ane On duty Ganva Babat Paripatra.

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